My amazing memories as a swimming specialist at camp!

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Check out Alex's experience working as a swimming specialist for a summer camp in Maine. We managed to catch up with him to get the low-down on his amazing experience.

Why did you want to do BUNAC's Summer Camp Exchange USA programme?

I wanted to do it because I had heard amazing things from people who had worked as a camp counsellor at a camp in the USA so I wanted to experience it for myself. Working with kids is something I've always loved doing and found it so rewarding, plus having the opportunity to go travelling after was ideal!

What was your highlight at camp?

My highlight at camp, like many others, was definitely The Colour War. It's an event which happens near the end of camp where all the kids are split into two teams, then compete in loads of different sports throughout five days. On the last night the kids come together to do their song and cheer and at the end, one team gets The Colour War trophy. Every year gets a different theme ours was grey navy seals vs blue army rangers. The Colour War was one of the best things I've ever done.

What did you learn from your time at camp?

I would say I learnt a lot about responsibility at camp. For two months I was living with six children, who I was responsible for in the mornings and nights. When not with them, I was teaching swimming to different groups of kids on my own. Although it's really fun and rewarding, you do have to make sure that you are looking after them as you are the guy in charge.

Did you go travelling after camp before returning to the UK?

Travelling was one of the highlights during my time in America. Me and 9 other counsellors rented an apartment in New York. This was an incredible experience, not only being able to see all of the sights but the being part of the nightlife when all of the buildings are lit up in time square was awesome.

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