Katie's top 5 things to take to summer camp

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Get all the facts on packing for summer camp

BUNACer Katie, who's a Summer Camp USA regular tackles the important topic of packing for camp. We know that for many of you this will be your first time heading to summer camp so this blog should help make your packing process a lot easier. 

After heading to camp multiple times I have been able to learn all the essentials that you need to take to camp with you, so i am going to share my top tips with you all. So it’s your first time heading off to summer camp and you’re staring at your empty rucksack that you’ve bought especially for the occasion and wondering where on earth you should start….sound familiar?! Well, here’s the golden rules;  only take stuff with you that you don’t mind potentially getting ruined/lost/dunked in the lake, AND don’t take more than you really need – stick to the essentials!! And speaking of the essentials, make sure you don’t leave home without these 5 lifesavers;

1. Torch – Or, if you want to be down with the cool kids, a hands-free, uber practical head-torch! You may look like a Cyclops, but you’ll never be so grateful for something when you wake up in the middle of the night needing the toilet and the nearest bathroom is sadly not right next door to your cabin. But, be warned, you will inevitably be referring to it as a ‘flashlight’ by the end of the summer like a proper American without a second thought.

2. Fancy dress – rarely a day will go by at camp when there won’t be some reason to dress up like a Disney princess, a nerd, a jungle creature, a character from Harry Potter….the list is endless! Hit up your local charity shops and Primark before you head off to the States to stock up on anything that makes you look ridiculous….and the sillier the better! Independence Day is also a huge deal across the pond, so you can’t go wrong with anything sporting the American flag.

3. Sunscreen – summer weather in the U.S. can get hot, hot, hot and, sadly for those hoping to return home at the end of the summer with an all-over, naturally sun-kissed tan, unfortunately that bronzed glow is likely to go hand in hand with some seriously sexy tan lines. BUT, at least those lines would look better in a nice shade of brown rather than lobster red, right?!

4. Cadbury’s chocolate – Instant popularity guaranteed amongst the American staff. Trust us, Hershey’s just doesn’t cut it.

5. Camera – your summer at camp is quite possibly going to be one of the best summer you will ever have and with so many new things to see and new friends to make, you’ll want to make sure you capture all the good bits to keep those amazing memories forever. Valuables at camp should be kept to a minimum where possible, but this is one essential that you’re always going to want within arm’s reach.

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