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Name: Sean Goodwin

Location/interview areas covered: Nottingham

Which camp(s) did you attend? Androscoggin

How many summers did you spend at camp? 3 (plus one visit!)

Which role(s) did you have at camp? Archery counsellor, drama counsellor and bunk counsellor for 8s, 11s and 13s

What did you learn about yourself whilst at summer camp? That there is a style of humour for every situation. And very often its dead pan...never trust someone who claims that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

What was your favourite thing about camp? The sheer madness of living with a bunch of kids! The competitiveness surrounding Rubik's cubes. The importance of being good at ninja. The unexpected dangers of jelly bottles.

What main qualities and/or skills do you look for in an interviewee? Clearly the specific skill set for activities matters. But how an interviewee gets alongside people and gets the best out of other folk; that matters too. 

Top tip for anyone attending a summer camp interview: Enjoy yourself. You get to talk about your hobbies and your passions with someone who is also enthusiastic about working with kids! 

Fun fact about yourself: I was an extra in the series "24 hours in the past" and have a moment of glory pumping water into a bucket

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