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Name: Emma Moreton

Location/interview areas covered: London

Which camp(s) did you attend? Camp Integrity, NY

How many summers did you spend at camp? Four.

Which role(s) did you have at camp? Fishing teacher, then Area Director.

What did you learn about yourself whilst at summer camp? That the world doesn’t end without creature comforts!

What was your favourite thing about camp? The kids, the counsellors and meatloaf!

What main qualities and/or skills do you look for in an interviewee? I really look for enthusiasm, common sense, expertise and relevant experience.

Top tip for anyone attending a summer camp interview: Sell yourself!! Assume we don’t know all of your amazing skills – I want to hear all about them!

Fun fact about yourself: 1) I was on the TV programme ‘The Weakest Link’ and came 3rd. 2) I once ate 12 slices of NY pizza in as many hours – they’re huge!

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