Memories that will last a lifetime with Internship USA - part 2

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Our Internship USA resident Leoni checks in with us letting us know what her most memorable events have been so far from her amazing LA Internship.

Two events definitely stick out the most however. The first one was attending the launch of the new King Kong 3D 360 experience at Universal Studios. I interviewed some of the cast from shows such as Glee, Desperate Housewives and The Office. I was one of the first people to experience the ride which was a masterpiece! I felt like a real VIP and I got a taste of celebrity life. It was not a let down I can assure! The other event which is very memorable was the Hills finale party. To celebrate the last ever episode of the Hills, the cast were interviewed at the pool of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. After interviewing the cast on the red carpet and backstage, I was allowed to sit poolside at the event, which did I mention was filmed live for MTV?!? It was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life and the whole time I had to keep telling myself it was happening!

Another memorable moment was interviewing Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of Twilight. I’m sorry to report to all you Twi-hard fans, but the fourth movie is going to be kept clean which sadly means no raunchy or explicit scenes!

I have also experienced some amazing days out with my friends. I went to the album launch of Miley Cyrus’ new album ‘Can’t be Tamed’ at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard; the same venue where a scene for Freaky Friday was filmed. This event was also streamed live on MTV, an unforgettable experience! I have eaten in some amazing restaurants and visited Hollywood where I saw Michael Jackson’s Star! 

I travelled to the OC for a day to visit family and went to Laguna Beach. One of the nicest (and busiest!) beaches I have been to. Beverly Hills is only a five minute drive away and it’s beautiful area to explore. The shops are so luxurious and most of the people don’t look real!

I have four weeks left on this incredible adventure and I’m not going to waste a second of it. There is an endless list of places to go and things to see. Universal Studios, Disney, Malibu Beach , museums and shopping centres that you wouldn’t believe; it’s almost impossible to get bored. It’s also full of opportunities and places to network giving you a chance to get a foot in the door. LA has a real attitude about it, and you have to be thick skinned because it’s a city of hard workers and important people who want the job done.

For those who have worries about going to America, I suggest you put those aside and just enjoy yourself.  It’s better to give something a try rather than wonder what could have been. I am extremely lucky and I’m not taking a second of it for granted. It’s amazing what a lot of hard work, a few (hundred) hours of research and a splash of ambition will do for a person!

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