Interning and hanging with celebrities - part 3 of Leoni's adventure!

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We check in with Leoni and see how her first month in LA is going and which celebrities she has been hanging out with during her internship.

My first month in LA flew in so fast I hardly had a chance to take it all in. It was only one night when I was walking back my apartment in Westwood that it really hit me how spontaneous life could be here. I heard the screaming before I saw it, and as I rounded the corner to the street leading to my apartment, I was faced with over 100 screaming girls. It was then I remember that the Charlie St Cloud premiere was being shown at the theatre in Westwood. Sure enough as I got closer to the crowd I spotted Zac Efron, advancing across the street to where I was standing. I ended up face to face with him, screaming along with the rest of the crowd; possibly one of the most surreal moments of my entire life. For all those wondering, yes he is just as gorgeous in real life! After the shock of seeing Zac Efron standing a few feet away, it was time to get back to work! 

That week I attended the premiere of ‘The Dry Land’ starring America Ferrera. It was the most nervous I had been yet conducting an interview as I am a huge Ugly Betty fan. The cast were lovely and some of the guests included Avril Lavinge, Vanessa Williams and Kenny Ortega (director of High School Musical).

As well as attending events and meeting people I never imagined I ever would, I was also gaining invaluable experience in the office. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, having to call PR agents and conducting phone interviews. Although some of the tasks were difficult at first, it helped me build on my communication and people skills and has really made a difference in my every day life. My friends and I were spending more time together and I felt part of a group which is something that was important to me as I felt I belonged in LA.

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