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Elena's just completed her TrekAmerica Western Wonder tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco, check out how it went...

Travel Intern Elena at the Grand Canyon

I’m covered in mosquito bites, I’ve got bruised knees and I’m aching all over but I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

This week BUNAC sent me on a Trek America tour covering Hollywood, Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Vegas, Yosemite and San Francisco in just seven days!

The trek had eleven participants and one leader so I was eager to meet the others and get out trip started. Before long the temperatures were hitting the high thirties and after a quick wander down the walk of  fame, it was time to set up our first camp. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a cool down in the Colorado River, then sat for our first meal together.

Now, my camping food is pretty much refried beans and maybe some stale bread if I’m feeling adventurous but this was impressive. Our team leader Connie cooked us up a feast of chicken and fresh herb pasta with S’mores to finish the night off. As we wandered to bed it was hard to remember we’d only known one another for mere hours. 

The next day we headed to the Grand Canyon and Grand it was. I stood for about ten minutes just looking over the valleys, it stretched further than I could see in any direction and my brain could not comprehend what my eyes were seeing. After a hike and a day of seeing the sights, we set up camp with the help of a family of elk who came to visit and then spent the evening sitting on the edge of the canyon watching the sun go down. 

Soon enough it was time to head to Las Vegas, we arrived in the afternoon just as an announcement  came on the radio declaring the temperature had just reached fifty degrees centigrade. I didn’t even know that was possible but believed it as soon as I stepped out of the van and my eyes stung because it was so hot. After pretty much running into our hotel it didn’t take us long to find the pool, which came equipped with a transparent waterslide that followed through a shark tank, and then headed off for a night in Vegas. 

After two nights in a hotel we clambered back into the van to head to Yosemite, the trip was pretty long but I think we all need the rest after Vegas. Before long we were no longer surrounded by flashing lights and casino tables instead giant rock faces and fir trees were all we could see for miles. We set up camp and the next day our tour leader lead us on a full day’s hike which was spectacular and well worth the nine hour round trip and grazed knees. Before long, it was our final night together and we sat around the fire playing games and eating even more S’mores. It had been an incredible week and I had been fortunate to have such a fun, outgoing group of people. 

Now after that whirlwind adventure I’m now going from Mosquitos to Quito…


A TrekAmerica tour is the perfect way to finish your Work America or Summer Camp USA programme, did you know you have 30 days to travel after working?

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