My first week as an Intern!

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It's been a whirlwind of buying camping gear, finishing jobs and rolling up clothes so small they fit into your shoes, but I am finally packed and ready for my internship. The first leg is a week in the London BUNAC offices with the team that orginised my trip. 

Upon arrival I was introduced to everyone, they were of course incredibly friendly and pleased to help when I didn't know what I was doing or managed to break something on my own computer - which was a lot. I wrote an introduction to myself and started to get to grips with the blogging styles and formats.

Day two I was introduced to my new best friend, my GoPro camera. I had no idea how to even turn the thing on so we sat staring at one another as it charged. It turned out to be surprisingly easy to use, I even worked out how to turn the loud beep off which I think my co-workers were pleased about. Mission of the day was to go and film in as many iconic and interesting spots in London as I could find, so with my fully charged friend in hand we set off in central. I packed in as many as I could get to in three hours and even visited some new places I'd never been before, like Madison Sky Garden. I headed back to the office to edit, there was an embarrassing amount of footage pointed at my face whilst trying to work out settings, so I think Speilburg is safe. 

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Next day consisted of learning how to upload blogs, I was patiently taken through the process and given a printed guide which will be my bible for the next couple of weeks. My first blog was now live and my posts had officially begun.

Thursday was all about uploading the video I had filmed on Tuesday meaning I had to hear myself speak on camera, why does your voice sound so odd when played back? Any who, we uploaded my introduction to London and I now 

Friday was all about finalising plans, we went over the minutiae of the trip from travel details to finding wifi so I can upload. Going through all the small points has made the trip seem very real and it's crazy how soon my departure date is. 

All of the team have been so welcoming and happy to answer my endless questions, I'll be sad to leave my first week of interning although the golden sands of Venice Beach are a pretty good alternative. 

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