Meet our Travel Intern - Elena

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Meet our travel intern Elena  Our new Travel Intern Elena

BUNAC Travel Intern: Elena

After impressing us with her 100 words, YouTube video and interview with our panel of prestigious judges, we named Elena as our Travel Intern 2015! 

As our lucky winner Elena will be having a 'money-can't-buy-summer' courtesy of BUNAC! Here are the highlights of the trip:

  • A 2 month Global Internship, visiting and reporting back on BUNACers on the following North and Central American adventures…
  • A 7 day Western Wonder tour, courtesy of our friends at Trek America

About Elena

Hometown: Oxford, England

Education: University of the West of England - Drama with Creative Writing.

Travel Experience: Across North America and Barcelona.

Favorite place I’ve ever visited: New York City, I know it’s cliche but it lives up to the hype, the whole place looks like a film set.

Would love to go to: Anywhere new, even in the UK, I’d like to au-pair abroad at some point perhaps in New Zealand and walking the Inca trail is on my bucket list. 

Interests: I spend a shameful amount of time watching Netflix, from acclaimed dramas to the bizarre documentaries and terrible eighties films I will watch it all. Other than that, I love to read, visit my friends, go to the theatre and attempt new recipes (emphasis on attempt). 

Thing I’m most looking forward to during the internship: 

Going to Ecuador and immersing myself in an environment so different from anything I’ve experienced before. The practical element of conservation work interests me as you get to travel and do something productive!

Thing I’m most nervous about: Missing transport, I think I’ll be at the airport about two days before to ensure I make my flight!

Which BUNAC program would you most like to participate in? 

I would love to do a full summer camp placement as I love working with kids and it just looks like so much fun! Plus I could spend an entire summer in an amazing country.

Random fact: I got stung by a jellyfish when I was 10, and I was only in Weymouth.

Internship Itinerary:

On June 20th I’m flying out from Heathrow to LA, staying right on Venice Beach and starting my wonderful Trek Tour from there. After 8 days trekking through national parks and a stop in Las Vegas, we will finish up in San Francisco. After a day of sightseeing I’m on a plane to Ecuador to go and work on a conservation project focussing on local communities. Following that I’m back up to New York to visit some Work America participants and then heading around Maine, New Jersey and Maryland to see the wonderful world of Summer Camps. After all that I’m of to Canada to  experience Whister, Banff and Panorama resorts before flying back to little old England

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