This is Why You Need to Visit Milford Sound

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Renowned worldwide for its breathtaking beauty, Milford Sound is an epic part of New Zealand that should be on everyone’s bucket list. With many incredible ways to see this famous Kiwi location, there is something to meet everyone’s travel desires.

BUNAC’s Liv is a native Kiwi and here are her top reasons why you need to visit Milford Sound.

Milford Track

100 years ago the Milford Track was declared as one of the finest walks in the world, and today it still holds the title of being one of New Zealand’s most famous walks. This 53-kilometre track will have you wandering through the mountains, valleys, glaciers, rainforests and waterfalls.

While this track may not be for everyone, there are also shorter, easier day walks that surround the location, including the ‘Key Summit Track’ - another one of New Zealand’s Great Walks.


Diving in Milford Sound is a must do! Not only is the scenery amazing above water but also underwater, as Milford Sound is known as one of the top places in New Zealand for coral. With unique animal and plant life, you will see why Milford Sound is one of the world’s most unique diving locations.

Not interested in getting wet? Then check out New Zealand’s only floating observatory. The observatory allows you to see the sea life close up in an open ocean aquarium.


Kayaking is known to be one of the best ways to see the Milford Sound and all of the sites and sounds amongst it. Not only do you get more time to appreciate the scenery, but you also get to experience the wildlife up close, such as seals, dolphins and penguins.

Bowen Falls, a famous 160-metre waterfall in the Milford Sound is best seen by kayak, as you can see from further afar the hanging valley where the water falls.


A less active alternative to see Milford Sound is the Milford Cruise. A relaxing adventure that allows you to see the same natural attractions throughout the fiord, as well as being able to get up close to some of the world’s highest waterfalls. A cruise is a great way to see Milford Sound in rain or shine, with stunning scenery that stands out even in the worst of weathers.

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