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Meet Jade, she’s our lovely Employer Outreach Assistant, situated in our London Head Office. We sat down with her to ask a few questions about her native New Zealand. Here she shares with us her top tips on making the most of this gem of a country.

So Jade, you're pretty far away from New Zealand. Do you get homesick?

Yes and no. Technology these days makes it super easy to stay in touch with friends and family. I do miss my animals and taking my dog for walks on the beach, though. I also miss the air, it smells different, I can’t explain how, it’s just less heavy.

What were the hardest things to leave behind when you moved to Ole’ Blighty?

My dog, clothes and shoes *sob*

What three words summarise why you love New Zealand?

Beaches, people, BBQs

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you moved to London? 
I’m definitely more security conscious here. In New Zealand it’s pretty common not to lock your house if you’re just popping down the road. It's obviously a lot more rural in New Zealand than in London - I miss looking out and seeing beautiful greenery as far as the eye can see (I've been making the most of London's parks instead though!)

What’s the food like over there? (and is Vegemite really better than Marmite?)
Hahaha, umm. Ok, so the Vegemite vs Marmite debate has been around forever and we always argue about it in my family... but it's got to be Vegemite. New Zealand makes a lot of good food and we have heaps of different foods in New Zealand, for example, hangi (food cooked under the ground), meat pies (different to pies in the UK) fry bread, Pavalova, Kumaras and feijoas . I love finding yummy food at the night markets. New Zealand (Auckland especially) has a large Asian population and with that comes AMAZING food! I also really miss NZ bakeries; I don’t think there is anything equivalent to them anywhere else in the world, you’d have to see it to understand it - it’s awesome!

What advice would give Brits considering visiting New Zealand?
I think the way you see the beauty of NZ is going on road trips through the hills/bush. Instead of going through the hassle of hiring your own car and consequently worrying that you’re going to break down in the middle of nowhere, it's great to get someone to do all the organising for you! Kiwi Experiences are so flexible, you can hop-on and hop-off at any stop (the trips take you to all the best parts of NZ) and stay for as long as you like!  Another top tip for you all, the cities are DEAD over the Christmas and the New Years period, so if you want to have a really cool New Years be sure to get out of the city and head to the beach!

How could you save a little dosh when travelling in NZ? 
If you're thinking of going somewhere for New Years, definitely book well ahead of time as it gets really expensive. Local markets are great for buying fresh fruit, veg and meat  - the produce is usually locally grown and of great quality, and it's much more fun to wander around and shop than in a supermarket.

And what about NZ’s night life? 
Totally depends on the city. In Auckland it's fun to hang around pubs where there’s live music (usually the Irish pubs). If pubs aren’t your thing then there are a range of good clubs and bars and pubs in the Viaduct area right on the waterfront. There’s also the Britomart area, definitely more ‘fancy’ (for NZ standards) so expect a smarter dress code. Karangahape Road (known as K Road by the locals) is a mixing pot of different genres – there are a number of clubs that exclusively play either hip hop, or EDM, and you’ll also find the oldest gay bar in Auckand! If you’re looking for a more chilled, hipster vibe Kingsland is a good area to visit. Here you’ll  find a lot of eateries and bars on New North Road which runs through the through the heart of Kingsland town. Something for everyone!

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