Jenny's Ultimate Guide to Life in New Zealand

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Thinking of making the move to the other side of the world? Life on our Work New Zealand programme is sure to be an adventure that will give you memories to last a lifetime. Our Work Abroad Assistant Jenny hails from awesome Auckland and here she gives us the lowdown on how to best live your Kiwi dream!

Ok Jenny, what would you say are the main differences between the UK and New Zealand?

Well, the amount of people for one! There’re more people in London than there are in the whole of New Zealand, so that’s a major difference! I’m from Auckland, so I’m used to city life but London is something else. So whilst the cities aren’t as bustling as they are in Britain, this is offset by all the nature which the UK doesn’t have. Practically everywhere in New Zealand sits alongside huge open spaces or sandy beaches, which makes for beautiful scenery and heaps of outdoor activities.

What are your favourite restaurants, bars and things to do and see back home?
Not so much a specific restaurant but you HAVE to try the sushi in New Zealand! Specifically little one time shops – not chains. There’re so many different options and they're all so delicious. In terms of bars it really depends what you’re into, Auckland Harbour has a load of pubs and clubs to suit everyone, from your classic Irish pub to your fabulous gay clubs (which usually include Karaoke – always a good time).
Things to do:
- Visit Waiheke Island and chill on one of the private beaches there or experience one of the vineyards there
- Go to a Marae to experience authentic Maori culture first hand – a truly amazing experience. You can do these all over New Zealand.

- push the beautiful scenery / open space / great outdoors vibes – so whilst the cities aren’t as bustling as London / UK cities, this is offset by all the nature which the UK doesn’t have

How would you sum up Kiwi people in three words?

Laid back, friendly and fun!

Is there a part of Kiwi life/culture you wish you could bring to the UK?
New Zealand summers – Basically hanging out at the beach all day everyyyday. 
And finally, what would you say are the top three things a Brit travelling to New Zealand should experience and visit?
Oh soo much - I don’t even know where to begin! I would say the best way to experience New Zealand in its truest form is embarking on a huge road trip across the country. There are plenty of amazing places – one of my favourite spots is a small surf beach town called Mangawhai, about an hour and a half north of Auckland. The West coast of the South Island is beautiful, driving through the nature there is an experience in itself! If you’re into extreme sports Queenstown is the place to go with loads to offer along the lines of white water rafting, sky diving, hiking  and much more! The adventurer's dream. 

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