5 reasons you'll fall in love with Canada

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We'll let you in on a secret. The BUNAC team are desperately in love with Canada - hook, line and sinker. We truly feel that the time is NOW to give the country a virtual internet hug with this blog. We've comprised five actual, proper, really serious reasons why you should make Canada your number one great escape destination and future life partner. Before long, we’ll guarantee you’ll find yourself falling head over heels for maple leaves, snowy mountains and a guy called… Tim Horton? 

Why Canada? Let us list the ways

1) Life is like living in a snow globe
Canadian snow doesn’t turn to slush after twenty minutes like it does in the UK. It covers gorgeous mountains like a postcard and quite frankly it’s the stuff of dreams.
2) It’s a bilingual country
Every single box of cereal and every single of slab of cheese in Canada has English and French on the back of it. Pick up a bit of beautiful French as you eat and you might be fluent one day. If only our language lessons were like this in school. 
3) The food is something to write home about 
Everyone talks about the sweet Canadian maple syrup, but have you ever had poutine (chips, cheese and gravy)? You just wait.
4) You’ll be a celebrity from the moment you open your mouth 
It doesn’t matter which UK county you hail from, because whether it’s Dorset or Dundee, Canadians will think you sound like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. You cute British person, you. 
Canada Day is a huge national holiday to celebrate all things Canada - so a bit like this article, but better. Think crowds of happy people singing Justin Bieber in the street (just joking), faces painted in red and white everywhere and fireworks lighting up the sky. Canada Day kicks off summer in style, and you'd be mad to miss it!

Now seriously...

If these five reasons haven’t convinced you to take the plunge and move to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Montreal, then honestly we’re all out of ideas. Book your ticket to work and travel all around Canada on our Work Canada programme with a £50 deposit. And just in case you weren’t sure, it’ll be the best decision you make all year. It's time to fall in love, guys. 

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