A Year Abroad: Australia According to Amanda

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Moving to Australia was something I’d always wanted to do since the tender age of ten, after watching the Sydney Olympics back in 2000. For some reason, it just stuck as a lingering ‘someday’ destination.

After saving up for a year, I applied for my Australian working holiday visa, quit my job and escaped down under with kangaroos, koalas and sunshine on my mind. After 27 hours of travel, I woke from a nap to the pilot announcing ‘to those of you on the left side of the plane, take a look out your window’ and, travelling from the other side of the planet, I groggily lifted the window screen to see the Sydney Opera House in all its glory a mere thousand feet below me.

I’d made it.

That moment of excitement was 13 years in the making and is something I’ll never forget.

I spent my first few months settling into the new way of life, diving right in to Melbourne café culture and using my hospitality background to land a job right on the famous Degraves Street, working in an area where tourists from all over the world constantly let me know ‘you’re so lucky to be working here!’ as they snapped photos and sipped their flat whites. Using the savings I made from working at the café, my friends and I made a quick trip to Bali and upon our return to Australia, I began building my professional skills internationally as a Marketing Assistant for a new Melbourne-based digital startup. 

I started out developing my skills, learning the basics of the product and ended up growing the overall brand's awareness and partaking in the UK product launch at London's own Kensington Olympia! 

Living and working in multi-cultural Melbourne led me to meeting people from all over the world: new friends, new language-barrier friends, and new ‘the world is so small’ friends of old friends. I met people who had taken a Group Flight through BUNAC with a three day Hong Kong stopover. My jealousy peaked when they mentioned they had help finding jobs and were hired within 10 days of stepping foot in the country. I wasn’t complaining but the extra money right away was definitely a convenience I could have done with!

We lost contact after a while but that’s also part of travel: it’s transient. You’re in foreign places together so you latch on to each other and enjoy the ride and while some people are a snapshot of your overall experience, others completely shape it.

They make your experience what you moved there for. They’re with you through every rooftop night out, every beach day brunch, and every homesick public holiday. They become your lifeline and you can’t picture your experience without them. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Exploration.

From an adrenaline-filled birthday weekend in Cairns spent bungee jumping, diving the Great Barrier Reef and exploring the coastal heaven of Port Douglas, to the day-to-day routine of office life in one of the busiest sectors of Melbourne, there isn’t one part of my year down under I didn’t love.

I miss my Saturday morning Victoria Market routine with my roommates. I miss the perks of sunny work meetings along the food haven that is Lygon Street and most of all, I miss having the wage to support my lifestyle while still being able to save for backpacking travels.

My life as it is wouldn’t exist the way it does today had it not been for my Australian working holiday. Every new encounter, new experience and new face was a stepping stone to where I am lucky enough to be today, and it’s been one epic ride.

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