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Work America 2015 AND 2017 alumni Emily spent her summer working at one of the USA's most beautiful country clubs in New York state. We caught up with our Work America champ to see how she got on...

Hey Emily! You seem to be quite the USA adventurer. Tell us, where have you spent your summers?

I worked at Fishers Island Club in New York during summers 2015 and 2017!

Awesome! Where did you hear about BUNAC’s Work America programme?

It was through Swansea University actually where I studied. I had such an amazing summer the first time round I had to do it again!

So what was a typical working day like for you?

We'd usually start work at 10/11am and finish at 3/4pm, dependent on the shift. We'd have a break in between our evening shift where we'd all head down to the beach! Lunch and dinner were provided too, which made our lifestyle so much more manageable.

And what were the highlights of your job and summer in general?

Living on Fishers Island meant going to the beach was so convenient. It was only a five minute walk away, so a perfect place to spend your work break or a whole day off. I actually met my boyfriend while working at Fishers Island Club actually! We met while I was with my new friends on the beach and we bonded over music. He's from the USA but we've been to Hong Kong and Bali together - he's actually coming to visit me in Swansea really soon! I also made loads of good friends working out there - we've all stayed in touch and I've seen them every year, either in the UK or USA.

Other than exploring New York's beaches, did you do much travelling in the US?

We ventured around the North East, so New York City, Vermont and Cape Cod, as well as heading to Florida and Los Angeles - LA being my personal favourite!

And finally, what advice would you have for someone considering signing up to Work America?


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