Camp Counsellor of the week: Samantha

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Each week we'll be showcasing our awesome camp counsellors who headed over to the US on BUNAC's Summer Camp USA programme. We'll get the lowdown on their experience, find out what life is like at camp and why you should definitely take the plunge and apply to the programme and experience life across the pond as a counsellor next summer!

Say hi to Samantha. This summer she's been working at Camp Arcadia in Massachusetts as the ultra-cool dance and gymnastics coach. Her classes were so popular with the kids that she had to get an assistant teacher to work with her! Camp has certainly changed her life in more ways than one...

Name: Samantha

Camp:  Camp Arcadia

Position: Dance and Gymnastics Coach

1. What were you first impressions of camp when you arrived?

I was really excited as I arrived in Boston Massachusetts, eagerly waiting for the coach to take me to Portland, where my camp director would pick me up. On arrival I was welcomed by other camp counsellors and we had an ice breaker session around a fire in one of the log cabins.

2. What is your role at camp and what are you teaching?

I was hired to teach Dance and Gymnastics throughout the summer. I put on 5 different sessions a day for children to choose to attend. Due to popular demand I ended up with an assistant and was asked to choreograph a performance for the girls to showcase.

3. What has been your favourite moment so far?

My favourite moment was working daily with the children and been asked to put together a showcase to perform to the rest of the camp. All the girls were very excited and grew in confidence throughout the week.

4. What has been your biggest challenge since arriving at camp?

The biggest challenge for me at camp was the working hours. Although you do not work 24 hours, it feels like you do as you live with the children in the cabins and they can be little tinkers at times and try and push the boundaries when it comes to bed time, so the night duty person can have a challenge on their hands.

5. Has camp met your expectations?

I went to camp with an open mind and it turned out to be the best three summers of my life. Although not on this camp, I met my fiancé which led to the birth of our Son, Noah, one month ago. 

6. Do you plan to do any travelling after camp? If so where?

I wanted to make the most out of my time spent out in the USA. So the first year, I drove from Portland to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, then down to Massachusetts to stay at a friend’s house I had made in camp, down to New Jersey to see my brother and finally finishing in New York. The second Year I went to New York, Boston Massachusetts,  Newport Beach and LA and finally in my third year I went to Orlando, Washington DC, New York, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Vegas and Newport Beach. 

7. What is the best thing about being a camp counsellors?

You get to coach activities you have a true passion for, to children that have chosen to be there and share your interest. You get to do it all in the sunshine as well as meet lots of new and long lasting friends. Finally you get to experience the American way of life.

8. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying to summer camp 2016?

I would say apply! It was life changing for me. It gave me a family, great friends and new experiences, the chance to travel and the ability to learn new skills. It also changed me as a person and developed my self confidence and self esteem. Take the leap of faith and do it. You won’t regret it!

If you want an epic summer in the USA like Samantha, give us a call on 033 3999 7516 to start your Summer Camp USA application. Regional interviews are taking place now!

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