Camp Counsellor of the week: Philip

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Each week we'll be showcasing our awesome camp counsellors who headed over to the USA on BUNAC's Summer Camp USA programme. We'll get the lowdown on their experience, find out what life is like at camp and why you should definitely take the plunge and apply to the programme and experience life across the pond as a counsellor next summer!

Meet Phil. He's having the time of his life at Camp Lakota in New York as a counsellor and lighting and sound specialist. He chats to us about his daunting arrival at camp, the new friends he's made and the top highlights of his summer. 

Name: Phil 

Age: 26

Name of Camp: Camp Lakota

Position(s) at Camp: Camp Counsellor  & Lighting/ Sound Specialist 

1. What were your first impressions of camp when you arrived? 

My first impression was very positive, although a little daunting. We had only 1 week to learn the skills we would be teaching children throughout summer. Somewhere fairly easy having done them before, whereas others were a little more challenging!

2. What is your role at camp/what are you teaching?

During the day I worked as a camp counsellor meaning I would be responsible for a specific group of boys, ensuring that they are well fed, participating in all the given activities and having a good time!

In addition, I was a Lighting & Sounds specialist, managing all lighting and sound requirements of all theatre rehearsals, performances and any other activity that needs either lighting or sound. Throughout the summer, we work together to achieve the common goal of putting on a great performance for campers, families and friends. 

3. What has been your favourite moment so far?

My favourite moment of my summer was all the new friends I made, as well as getting to visit parts of the USA I would not necessarily ever have been to. 

4. What has been your biggest challenge since arriving at camp?

My biggest challenge was learning new skills quickly such as Canoeing,  Mountain Biking and Roller Hockey, and then I would have to go encourage the children to get involved especially when they are scared or not motivated. Seeing how much you can encourage someone to get involved and excited is the most rewarding experience of the summer, as you could tell you had really made a difference. 

5. Has camp met your expectations?

Camp more than met my expectations, and would recommend it to anyone. 

6. Do you plan to do any travelling after camp? If so, where?

After my summer at camp, I travelled down the West Coast of America for 3 weeks. This topped off an already amazing summer of new experiences and adventures. 

7. What is the best thing about being a camp counsellor?

For me the best part of being a camp counsellor was being paid to travel and do fun and exciting things.

8. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying for Summer Camp 2016?

Do not hesitate, it is a fantastic experience and is something you will remember forever.

If you want an epic summer in the USA like Phillip, give us a call on 033 3999 7516 to start your Summer Camp USA application. Regional interviews are taking place now!

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