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Secured your Working Holiday visa for New Zealand, but not sure what jobs you can get out there if you’re from the UK? There’s no need to worry, as BUNAC are on hand to help you out. We have decades of experience in helping young people get settled in NZ. Take a look at just some of the awesome roles we have waiting for you, the types of wages you could be earning and our top tip for the roles.


New Zealand's hospitality business is often made of workers from a wide range of different countries and cultures. Roles are often energetic, boast a load of transferrable skills and range from Waiters and Food & Beverage Attendants to Baristas and Kitchen Assistants.

BUNAC insight: Roles in hospitality offer flexibility around working days and hours which might suit you best when you are on a Working Holiday. There’s plenty of opportunity to squeeze in some travelling when working in hospitality.   

Labour and Farming

Construction jobs are probably the easiest jobs to obtain in New Zealand and are in highly demand. Wages normally range between $20 - $30 per hour within this industry.

BUNAC insight: Expect high pay, no experience required, and immediate starts. When New Zealand hits picking season, there is also a big demand for willing workers to either work in the fields or assist with the harvesting.  

Bartender work

Looking to gain experience, learn skills and have fun on a job? This position requires a certain type of personality and unlike many other countries if you are looking to become a bar manager in New Zealand, you will need to hold a special license or certificate. Wages normally range between $16-$17 per hour within this industry.

BUNAC insight: If you speak great English and love socializing this will not be a hard position to fill, however if you do not speak great English you will have a harder time to get a job within this industry.

Our biggest BUNAC insight: Being as flexible as you can when it comes to getting work in New Zealand when you first arrive, you will be able to obtain work a lot sooner. We would also advise you use all of BUNAC’s in-country support, meaning you will have no issues with finding work.

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