BUNAQ&A - Work Canada Support

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Here at BUNAC we strive to give the best possible advice to all of our fellow BUNACers out there. With our BUNAQ&A posts, you can find the answers to many of our most popular questions.
Q: I've already got a visa to work in Canada, but want job and accommodation support when I'm over there, can BUNAC help?
A: Yes we can! Helping participants fill out their paperwork for Canadian visas is only a fraction of the services we offer for our Work Canada programme. If you already have your visa and want to sign up for the programme you will still get all the perks, like the ability to take group flights with fellow BUNACers, as well as get all the support from our partner SWAP once in Canada.
Whilst in Canada, SWAP gives support with job hunting, finding accommodation and provides quick access to bank accounts and a Social Insurance Number. They also organise social events like theatre nights and pub meets so you can mingle with fellow participants and share your travel stories.
If you don’t have your visa sorted yet, don’t fret – but you are running out of time. For an overview of what you need to do to get booked onto Work Canada and secure a visa, check the information on our blog!
For more information on Work Canada or what you need to do to get your IEC visa call us on 033 3999 7516 .