Top 10 Reasons to do a Working Holiday in Australia

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Ever wondered why a working holiday in Australia is so popular? We asked the team here at BUNAC HQ, what their top reasons for doing a working holiday in Aus was!

1. One of the Highest Minimum Wages in the World

Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world which is great for if you’re wanting to either save money for when you head back home or if you’re wanting to travel around Aus.

2. Great Weather

The weather is a massive perk of doing a working holiday in Aus! Especially when there are so many beaches to discover!

3. Amazing Job Opportunities

With BUNAC’s Job Before You Go programme you can secure yourself a job in some of Australia’s most iconic locations. You can work up to 6 months in one job and we can help find you work after your initial contract is over. It gives you the perfect work-travel balance!

4. Earn on the Move

With a working holiday in Aus you have the freedom to work and travel anywhere in the country. BUNAC can help find you a job no matter where in Aus you base yourself!

5. Add Value to Your CV

International experience is sure to sky-rocket your CV! With so many people having a degree now it’s hard to make your CV shine. But, if you have taken the initiative and courage to bag yourself a job abroad, you’ll have a great talking point on your CV and in an interview.

6. Make Friends from All Over the World 

There are so many people from all over the world out in Aus doing the same work and travel adventures as you that you’ll make lifelong friends along the way.

7. You’ll See Some of the Most Beautiful Natural Sights in the World

From the 12 Apostles to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. 

8. You’ll Meet the Local Wildlife 

From kangaroos and koalas to dingo and quokka (google quokka’s…you won’t be disappointed), Australia has some unique wildlife that you won’t see in the UK.

9. World Famous Landmarks

From the Sydney Opera House to Uluru, you’ve heard of them all before and on a 12-month working holiday you’ll have plenty of time to check them off your bucket list.

10. Live the Aussie way of life 

Last but definitely not least, the laidback and stress-free Aussie lifestyle is one big reason people choose to do a working holiday in Aus. 

Want to start your own adventure Down Under? Check out BUNAC’s Work Australia programme and even grab yourself a pre-arranged job with our Work Australia Job Before You Go programme.

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