Must-eat foods for your complete Aussie experience!

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Planning a trip to the Land Down Under? Here are BUNAC's must-eat foods to try on your trip!

1. Meat Pie – Go to a sports match and have a meat pie with tomato sauce, standard Aussie snack.

2. Chicken Parmigiana – Traditionally a chicken breast with ham, cheese and covered in Neapolitan sauce, but many other variations are available.

3. Tim Tams – Think Penguin chocolate biscuits and then times the taste by 10!

4. Seafood - From fresh calamari to amazing swordfish salads Australia has some of the tastiest seafood around.

5. $10 steak on a Monday – Many restaurants, bars or hotels (the Aussie term for pubs) have this offer on a Monday.

6. Cake – Aus is famous for cake such as Lamington, coconut dusted sponge, but the best selection of cakes is found in the bakeries in the Saint Kilda area of Melbourne.

7. Kangaroo – This rich meat is well worth trying, try a kangaroo steak on the BBQ.

8. Crocodile Pizza-  Why not try fishy chicken in a unique way, on a pizza, tastes great with Thai curry sauce!

9. Sushi – It is everywhere and is a healthy and often cheap choice.

10. Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich – A breaded chicken escallop in Turkish bread, the true Aussie’s sandwich of choice.

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