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Are you dreaming of an adventure Down Under? BUNAC’s Work Abroad Expert Ella spent two incredible years living and working in Australia, and she’s blogged about some things you should know about getting a job in Oz.

When thinking about heading on my Working Holiday to Australia, my main concern was not that I was travelling to the other side of the world, but what I would actually do for work over there. I have highlighted just some of the questions you may have before heading on a Working Holiday Down Under.

Where do I start with work in Australia?  

For me I was very lucky. Heading over on a support programme with BUNAC provided me with 12 months' job support. Not only did this mean I had access to an online jobs board, but also a job postings at their in-country partner’s local offices in Sydney and Melbourne - I also benefited from 1-1 job finding support from the team! They assisted me with finding different types of work and also ensured my CV was fit for the Aussie job market.

How easy is it to get work?  

I felt extremely lucky that I had the support of BUNAC to assist me with finding work – I found a position in the first two weeks of arriving.  My advice to anyone heading over to Australia on their Working Holiday would be to try and be as flexible as you can with the type of work you would be looking to do. BUNAC offer so many cool jobs, and with Australia’s minimum wage being the highest in the world, I was making so much easy money in my first months here. I picked up quite a few positions in hospitality during my time here. From working as a night manager at a resort, to bar work and everything in between. I also worked in a boarding school and as an au pair! How did I get my second year visa? Oh, by picking oranges for three months!  

Do I have to stay with one employer?  

On the Working Holiday visa for Australia, you can stay with an employer for a maximum of six months. It does mean that after this period you would need to move onto another employer, however that was not an issue for me because I wanted to see a lot of the country as well. It gives you the perfect work/travel balance.

What are the most popular jobs Down Under?  

  • Regional work such as picking or packing fruit, which many will do as part of their 88 days regional work for their second year visa.
  • Hospitality based positions
  • Events – seasonal work in holiday destinations such as Byron Bay can be easy to come across
  • Admin or call centre work is popular in the cities
  • Au pair work

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