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Hey guys! My name is Ella and I’m the Work Abroad Specialist here at BUNAC and have recently spent two years on a Working Holiday Down Under. Check out my blog below as I outline my top picks for making the most of your new life in Australia.


As you are about to begin a Working Holiday in Australia, you are going to need to actually work at some points of your trip. Many people ask me what kind of positions I had, so here are some of the cool employment opportunities I experienced: 

  • Waitress in a 5 star tapas bar 
  • Boarding school Night Assistant 
  • 88 Days Regional Work - Orange picking 
  • Hostel Housekeeper 
  • Nanny / Au Pair 
  • Cleaner for Bar and Accommodation 
  • Resort Night Manager 
  • Head Waitress in a restaurant on a boat

And how do you find work? On BUNAC's Work Australia programme you get job finding support for the whole 12 months of your Working Holiday Visa. With exclusive jobs board and online access to job listings, you really are in the best possible position to find work. Do you want the great news? Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world!  If you budget your trip well, you will have more than enough cash to tick off as many things on your bucket list as possible. 


Not only does this place hold some of my fondest memories of my whole time in Australia, but it also boasts numerous beaches and unspoilt hinterlands. From my early morning walks along the coast watching the dolphins swim by, to the late night sunsets that lit up the sky, the place truly was epic!

TOP TIP: The spectacular Lighthouse Walk is not for the fainthearted, but offers the most amazing views! For me the walk was the one place where I could truly self reflect on how I was doing, what this trip had taught me and how much there was to look forward. When I think about self reflecting now, I can still picture being back there.

The vibrant high street has all walks of life, from holiday makers, backpackers and locals. With a 24 hour bakery, the freedom of not having to wear shoes, street performers (that are probably better then any concert I've ever been to) and the number of amazing street foods, Byron Bay really is the adventurer's paradise! Now, the biggest question everyone asks me is “How did you manage to get work in Byron Bay and live there for six months, when it's so touristy?”.

TOP TIP: Use your resources and drive to their full potential! Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there when it comes to applying for jobs. With BUNAC's Work Australia programme, you will get support no matter where you are, so make sure you keep in touch with the resource centres - they really do make your Working Holiday so much easier!


Don’t be fooled by Australian maps. During my first few car journeys, I was told where I wanted to go was “close by" or "only down the road”. This wasn't a lie, it often was just down the road, but many roads in more rural areas stretch on for MILES! Because of the scale of Australia, you'd be fooled thinking Melbourne to Sydney is a nice little car journey - it takes five hours.

TOP TIP: although road trips can be fun, I'd definitely recommend flying in some situations. Internal flights can be pretty cheap!

On the topic of road trips, I would definitely recommend driving down the Great Ocean Road. Stretching from Melbourne to Adelaide, this journey shows off some of Australia’s most natural beauties. With our tent attached to the top of our little Micra, it meant we could literally pitch up anywhere.

TOP TIP: plan your car journeys wisely so you know how long you're going to be travelling. In rural areas you may not pass a gas station for quite a while.


I'd been in Australia for three months and had landed myself a super cool job at a boarding school in Albury, New South Wales. Not only was this a fantastic position that looked great on my CV, but it also meant I got an insight into how the Aussies did “High School”. P.E. lessons took place at the river or beach for starters! The girls at the boarding school ran me my very own 'Aussie Bushtrucker Trail'.

Yes, there were some very interesting foods they made me try - step forward Vegemite. This is basically marmite in the sense that you will either love it or hate it! Up next: Tim Tams. Similar to a Penguin biscuit where you nibble off the top and bottom and drink your tea through it - mind = blown. And lastly the drink Milo - it was thick and cold and I wasn't impressed.

TOP TIP: don't be afraid to try some of the Aussie favourites, your taste buds might just surprise you!

I hope my top picks have inspired you to have a year long wander Down Under! Don’t be shy, come say hi! 
I’m based in BUNAC's head office in High Street Kensington in London, so if you’d like to hear more about my experience or you're looking to get those all important questions answered, book a free appointment or give me a call on 0333 999 7516. 

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