BUNAC's Top 10 Things to do on Fraser Island

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Want to find out more about the picture-perfect, Fraser Island? BUNAC’s Intern in Britain Operations Coordinator Emma, gave us the lowdown on her top 10 Fraser Island must-sees.

1. Explore the Maheno Shipwreck
Not only recognised for it’s stunning beaches, Fraser Island is also famously known for the Maheno Shipwreck. Add this to your Fraser Island bucket list and your Instagram will thank you later!

2. Visit Lake McKenzie
Fraser Island’s sandy beaches and freshwater lakes are just one attraction pulling people to visit the island and Lake McKenzie is one of the most popular.

3. Discover Fraser Island by 4WD
What’s the best way to discover a 75-mile beach…named 75-Mile Beach? By four-wheel drive of course! At low tide, the beach provides the perfect place to cruise with your friends.

4. Meet the wild locals
They may look just as cute and cuddly as your pampered pooch back home, but the Dingo’s on Fraser Island are the local wild inhabitants that you’ll probably see wandering the beaches.

5. See the island from the sky
By foot, by four-wheel drive and even by plane! Getting a birds-eye view of Fraser Island was definitely one of my favourite things to do! Jump in an eight-seater plane and jet off to get an incredible view of the island. Don’t forget your camera!

6. Take a dip in the Champagne Pools
Fraser Island’s natural jacuzzi, the Champagne Pools are made of clear, bubbling sea water and with the word ‘champagne’ in the name, I was fully onboard with taking a dip!

7. Swim in Lake Wabby
Another popular water spot is Lake Wabby. The green, freshwater lake is the deepest lake on Fraser Island and is bordered by a giant sand dune!

8. Visit The Pinnacles
Another natural wonder of Fraser Island is The Pinnacles – it’s definitely worth stopping by with your camera to take some pictures of the amazing coloured rock.

9. Float down Eli Creek
Discover Eli Creek by taking a walk on the scenic board walks or take a dip and float down the creek – it’s a great experience!

10. The perfect place to watch the sunrise
Last but not least, the beautiful setting of Fraser Island provides the perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset! And you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect spot.

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