Your Top Five Work America questions answered!

Work America not only gives you the opportunity to experience the bright lights of the USA, but also offers the chance for you to supersize your CV and boost your bank account. So if you’re looking to escape the Great British summer’s annual dose of post-uni blues, overpriced festival beer and rainclouds calling off yet another barbeque, the USA may just be the perfect destination for a truly memorable summer!

Want to know more? We’ve put together this bite size guide to answer all your Work America Who, What, Where, When and Hows:

1. Who can go?

Any full-time student at a British or Irish university who is 18 years old.

2. What can I do?

There are hundreds of positions listed on BUNAC’s exclusive online Job Zone, and it’s constantly being updated. Once you sign up to the programme, you’ll be able to view the database, upload your CV and cover letter and start applying for jobs at the click of a mouse!

The Job Zone advertises seasonal positions, such as work in cafés, in hospitality or at theme parks in some of the most beautiful places of America. If you're looking for more career-related work experience (and remember, it must be paid!) we recommend you contacting companies directly, as well as having a plan B to tide you over if you haven't managed to secure anything before you touch down in the States.

3. Where can I go?

Anywhere! The Job Zone advertises jobs all over the USA but mostly in places where American's head for their own summer 'vacations', which happen to be the most beautiful and picturesque locations in the States, rather than on the tourist trail. The East Coast States such as New England, Maine and Maryland are particularly thriving, as well as popular long-weekend spots such as Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod.

4. When can I go?

Your working visa will be valid for four months between June 1st and will expire on 30th September, so you may work in the USA at any point during this time. You will also be issued with a 30 day tourist visa, which you can begin using when you finish work.

5. How do I find accommodation?

A lot of the employers in BUNAC’s jobs directory offer accommodation. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the directory.

Accommodation can also be found through local listings, on Craigslist and at local universities. Why not check out the following websites?

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