Top 5 Resume Tips to Land Your Work America Job!

Think you can apply for American jobs with a British CV for Work America? Think again! Here we give you our top 5 tips to ensure your shiny new US-style resume make it onto the right list.

1. Less is more
US Employers will not look at a resume if it is over a page in length. You will need to keep all your qualifications, achievements and experience concise and to the point. The easiest way to save space is to list references as available upon request. The US wants pancakes not waffle!

2. Americanize your spelling
Remember your résumé is going to be read by Americans, so be sure to use make sure you change any words to American English. The most common changes are swapping ‘s’s for ‘z’s, for example organise/organize. When on the programme you can always contact our expert team to make sure you haven’t made any obvious mistakes that will tarnish your résumé.

3. It's all about experience…
CVs can become a little too much like a story with narrative clouding fact. Employers in the States do not want to be wooed with words and instead want to see evidence of results. Limit the details on your resume to your education, work/volunteer experience and skills. Use bullet points to highlight key achievements and reduce unnecessary words.

4. The might of Skype
If you haven’t already set up a Skype account, what are you waiting for? Include your Skype details on your résumé as many employers will look to conduct interviews this way. Whether you’re giving your email address or Skype username, make sure they are professional and simple. Very few employers will take seriously. A word to the wise, most employers will check your social media channels. Tighten up your privacy settings as employers may think twice about employing you after seeing photos from last weekend!

5. Stand out from the crowd
Don’t be under the illusion that you will be the only person applying for a job; you will be in strong competition so make sure your resume really stands out and leaves an impression with an employer. Although space is limited make sure that your best qualities are really brought out on your resume. Whether you received employee of the month at BUNAdiner, or are Grade 8 on the Glockenspiel…make sure your achievements are memorable and impressive.


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