Top 10 Travelling Tips for your Journey in the States!

Want to take advantage of your time in America? Desperate to visit all the sights? Don’t want to leave the friends you have made all summer? Then grab them and go! Here are 10 tips to help you plan your journey after work in America.

10. Organise yourself! Want to be prepared and feel at ease with your plans before you hit the unknown? If so then booking a travel adventure before you leave is for you. BUNAC can offer you discounts on our benefits page so don’t be shy and arrange your journey. Take a peek.

9. Give yourself the time to travel! Book your flights leaving up to six weeks free after you finish your working adventure to begin your travelling adventure! For Work America participants that means early September, giving you that all important opportunity to see as much as possible!

8. Getting from A to B: There are many ways to get around the States, either by Greyhound bus or rental car or you might want to buy a mini-van with your friends. Plus you can sell it after your travels and even make a profit!

7. Write up a plan of your journey: Consider the amount of time you have, your finance, where do you want to go then buy a map and calendar and plan away! Another useful purchase is a Lonely Planet guide book; with BUNAC offering 15% off for BUNACers you better get your hands on one!

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6. List your favourite destinations and plan your journey keeping those strongly in mind: Whether you want to go as far as the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls. You may want to plan your travels around those places to make sure you get it all done!

5. Remember to save some money! You don’t want to be left stranded and broke, keep some money aside every payday so you have some to spend during yours travels. Grab yourself a pre-paid cash card to help you budget your spending and reduce the need to exchange currency!

4. Too much luggage? Done too much shopping? Don’t worry: you do not have to drag your backpack around with you. Just send your luggage to your departure city. If you are flying from New York, you can send your luggage to the post office there so you can pick it up as you leave!

3. A place to stay! Find the perfect hostel for you with BUNAC's help! Check out our database of budget and top notch hostels throughout the USA and the rest of the world. Check out it out here!

2. Trying to save money? It is a good idea to travel during the night. This will save money on accommodation costs and you can cover more ground. Once you wake up you are at a new and exciting place!

1. Budget travellers: although travelling on a budget seems like a challenge, it can in fact be done! Camping is a popular past time in America and luckily it is affordable, sometimes starting at $5 a night!

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