Star-spangled quiz!

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Working in the Land of Opportunity this summer? Joining the Gold Rush? Earning some Green? Test your knowledge of all-things USA and see how well you know the country of the red, white and blue!

1. Which was BUNAC’s first ever programme and what birthday does it celebrate this year?

2. Name the 4 American states beginning with ‘I’.

3. True or false: Work America is a student-only programme.

4. That Statue of Liberty was a gift from who? France, UK or Canada.

5. How many faces of presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore?

6. How many stars and stripes does the US flag have?

7. Which America staple drink was first introduced in 1888?

8. Which is the only State with one syllable?

9. “Star-spangled banner” is the nickname for which American artefact?

10. What is the shape of Captain America’s shield?

To start your own all-American adventure, check out Work America! Exclusively available to full-time university students, this programme allows you to work anywhere in America for up to 4 months! Create an online account or call us on 0207 7870 9570. Work America opens in autumn for the following summer.

Answers: 1. Work America, 50th 2. Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois 3. True 4. France 5. Four 6. 50 stars, 13 stripes 7. Coca-cola 8. Maine 9. The American Flag 10. Circle

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