Matt's American Yacht Club adventure

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Matt spent this summer on our Work America programme where he landed on his feet with a job working for American Yacht Club. We got in touch with Matt to see what he thought about his summer stateside... and all we can say is, it sounds amazing!

Name of employer: American Yacht Club

Job position: Hospitality

Comments about employer: Excellent employer in a unique hospitality environment. Employer made sure living conditions were in good order and that we were well looked after. The hours are long and the work involves a large amount of manual handling in the way of tables and chairs. Not for the faint hearted but a great experience for anyone who is happy to work hard a reap the benefits. Pay was good and food and accommodation were well above average.

What did you do on your time off: Got the train into Manhattan (3 mile bike to train station, 50 minute train journey to Grand Central).

Where did you travel afterwards: DC, Miami, Chicago!

All in all an amazing experience!

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