Foods you HAVE to try in North America!

Don’t expect to come back from your American adventure feeling slender and buff. Unless you’re sticking to the latest healthy eating craze in Los Angeles it’s likely you’ll be coming across some American delicacies that have either been fried or smothered in cheese! Here at BUNAC we don’t want you to miss a bite, so we’ve rounded up our choice of the top 5 classic culinary delights!

Chicago Hot Dog/Dawg!

Forget the classic hot dog nestled into a bun with only ketchup and mustard for company – Chicago hot dog restaurants give you a choice of toppings! Choose from pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers, cheese, relish and jalapenos to name just a few! Want to challenge yourself? Try a foot long hot dog!

New York Pizza

Thin, crispy, greasy, and delicious! New York was the first state to open a pizza restaurant which makes them the masters! Try buying a slice from street vendors or independent restaurants to get a real authentic taste.

New England Clam Chowder 

Clam chowder is the ultimate in comfort food. Dating as far back as 1751, the chowder is usually made with the meaty quahog clam and cod or bass, with a creamy, buttery, aromatic base. Herman Melville even describes the scrummy meal in 1851 novel Moby Dick! 

Louisiana Po’ Boys

Originally called ‘Poor Boys’ and made up of a submarine roll filled with potatoes and gravy, the Po’ Boy has evolved into the New Orleans classic we know and love today. It’s now made with French bread, fried shrimp or oysters, and lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

Texas ‘Tex-Mex’

Think chilli con carne and fajitas come from Mexico? Wrong! For a real taste of the ‘Mexican’ food you’ve come to know, head over to Texas! Look for ‘Mex-Mex restaurants in Texas if you want to try authentic Mexican cuisine!

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