Top 10 things to try in Nepal!

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Considering taking part in BUNAC's Volunteer Nepal programme? Here are some extra ideas to squeeze into your itinerary!   

1. Elephant Safari – Head south to the warmth and humidity of Chitwan National Park and go on a safari with a difference. Ride on the back of an elephant whilst you trek through the jungle in search of the rare One-Horned Rhino.

2. Masala Chai – When it’s time to relax there’s not much better than sipping on a sweet cup of Masala Chai and taking in your surroundings.

3. Chilling with some sadhu’s at Pashupatinath – A visit to one of Kathmandu’s most scarred temples is a must. Nepal is the oldest Hindu Kingdom in the world and the holy sight of Pashupatinath offers some unique sights, sounds and smells. One of those being the many ash covered Sadhu that live in and around the temple. They have denounced all their worldly processions to dedicate there lives to spiritual practice.

4. Riding on top of a bus – Why sit inside a bus when you can ride on the roof, doing it local style.

5. Chatting with locals – Nepalese people are extremely friendly and generous and there’s no way of seeing a country better than through the eyes of a local.

6. Spinning the prayer wheels at the Stupa – A trip to the Stupa in Kathmandu is a must, it’s an extremely colourful yet tranquil place and is where you will find most of the Buddhist refugees from neighbouring Tibet.

7. White Water Rafting – The steep valleys close to the Tibetan boarder make for some excellent white water rafting if you’re feeling brave!

8. Dal Bhat – Simply delicious traditional dish of Nepal that consists of lentil soup and roti (bread) or boiled rice.

9. Trekking to Everest base camp – the long tiring trek through the Himalayas is well worth it when you catch your first glimpse of Mount Everest, with the sun reflecting off the snow at Earths highest point. There are all sorts of treks available, depending on how energetic you’re feeling.

10. Shopping – With a unique blend of trek shops, antiques stores and everything in between you may find it difficult to close your suitcase on your return journey!

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