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So you’ve spent the last 10 years progressing through different class rooms, schools, colleges and universities and think you’ve had enough? Well why not try taking a trip to the front of the class and using your knowledge and skills to teach, inspire and help others learn to speak English by participating on the Teach and Travel China programme?!

Whether you’re thinking of teaching as a profession or are looking for an option to earn and travel; obtaining a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification is a great way to help do both! The Teach and Travel China programme gives you the opportunity to not only complete a comprehensive and well respected TEFL course, you will also undertake a 5 month placement working in a school in China.

No experience of teaching? No worries!

Upon arrival in China you will undertake a comprehensive 4 week TEFL training programme. During this month you will be taught techniques to effectively teach English, plan lessons and also have the chance to learn basic mandarin (so you can join in the staff room gossip!). By the end of your training, you will be armed with the tools to plan a lesson, lead a class full of children and provide marks and feedback on students work.

The pupils become teachers!

After completing your training you will begin your school placement. Our in-country partner works with many schools across China and will not only help you settle in but will be available for support throughout. They work closely with the schools and regularly visit them to ensure they offer a safe and inviting environment to begin your teaching career!

Accommodation and at least 2 meals a day (in school time) are also provided, and you will receive a monthly allowance of 2000RMB (approx. £200).

Experience, experience, experience!

At the end of your placement you will have successfully completed an internationally recognised and well respected TEFL qualification, have 5 months teaching experience under your belt and some conversational Mandarin!

So, what next? With this on your CV the world is your oyster! Continue to find work in South East Asia, or take on another adventure with our Volunteer Nepal programme!

You will stand out from the crowd having shown initiative, patience and of course an ability to control and inspire a class room full of students!

Wondering what your accommodation will be like in China? Check out some info about where you’ll be living on our ‘Your Base’ section, call us on 033 3999 7516 or request a call back.

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