Multi-project volunteering - hear what our BUNACers have to say!

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Thinking of volunteering on a multi - project volunteering programme? Hear what some of our former participants have to say about the experience!

Stephanie, Costa Rica

I absolutely love it here!! I love the locals and the beaches and the forests and the waterfalls and the animals. We've just been to Manuel Antonio, saw 2 sloths, 5 capuchin monkeys and 5 squirrel monkeys. It's amazing to always be surrounded by this type of wildlife and see them so close up in the wild.
The work is so much fun, and the two local guys we’ve been working with are hilarious. Yesterday (friday) after work we went down to the river savegre with the other volunteers from Quebec and rode the river current up and down!
The beaches here are simply breathtaking. After pouring over the photos online before my trip I thought it wouldn't look as good in real life, but if possible I think it's better.

Thank you


Mike, Venezuela

This is Mike from the Venezuela trip! Just checking in to let you know that we're all having an AMAZING time! The weather here is insane, it’s soooo hot and the other day we experienced one of the LOUDEST thunder and lightening storms any of us has ever seen, it’s awesome to see the power of nature out here – you feel so close to it all! 
The volunteer work on the Caribbean coast is going really well, we've decided to give a presentation to the children at the local school ‘la basura’ (rubbish in English – I’m slowly learning the language thanks to daily lessons) to tie in with conservation initatives we’ve been working on. A few of us had the best day ever yesterday, playing with the local children on a local beach... I get the feeling they loved it as well!
A bunch of us volunteers are heading to the Orinoco Delta for the weekend to hunt for Piranah and Caiman and hopefully catch sight of an elusive fresh water dolphin. The weekend after I’m planning a trip to Angel Falls, which is going to be a massive highlight.
The lodge we're staying at is fantastic, really laid back and cool and we get on so well with the other students leaders. I can categorically say that ALL of us are having the time of our lives! We couldn't be any happier!
Next week we're moving on up to the jungle to help out at a school for disabled kids and renovating a sports pitch for them, then it’s onto the reforestation project.

Ciao ciao

Mike and the team (¡La Equipe!)


Olivia, Borneo

I didn't think it would be possible to have this much fun whilst actually feeling like I was making a difference. The people I have met on this trip will be life long friends because we have shared such an amazing experience together.


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