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We were able to catch up with a very excited Samantha before she departed for her amazing Wildlife Conservation Project in South Africa. She has chosen to take part in the rhinos and elephants project in Musina living in a chalet on the reserve. This is what she had to say...

Elephant Group

Q. Why did you choose this programme?

A. Samantha said that she has always had a great interest in animals, and has always wanted to work with them. This programme allows you to work with the animals within their natural habitat rather than in captivity, which was very important to Samantha. The chance to meet lots of new people and share the adventure together is another key reason for Samantha selecting this programme.

Q. How did you find organising the trip?

A. The organisation of the trip for Samantha was very easy, she found that members of the BUNAC team were accessible via email and telephone throughout the day to help with any problems that she had. The BUNAC team were able to make the process very easy for her and she found that she got replies straight away whenever she emailed with any questions or problems.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the programme?

A. Samantha is looking forward to getting to the reserve in South Africa and really getting her hands dirty, taking part in wide range of duties involved looking after the animals. She is looking forward to interacting with the animals and having a part in looking after them day-to-day.The prospect of meeting lots of new people and making new friends is another aspect of the trip that she is particularly looking forward to. The four day orientation in Johannesburg will give Samantha the opportunity to learn more about the South African culture with the other volunteers and it will be a great way to get to know everyone!

Q. What do you think will be the most challenging part of your programme?

A. The only challenging aspect of the trip for Samantha was meeting new people and making friends with the other volunteers at the reserve. She has no problems with the jobs that she will be doing, she is totally ready to get out there now. But she should not worry as there are 25 volunteers all in the same position from all different backgrounds, so she is sure to make plenty of new friends to share the experience with.

Q. How have you prepared for the programme?

A. Samantha said that she has been sent lots of really interesting and important information regarding the project from BUNAC. She has prepared herself by reading through the information that she has been sent, but also the wealth of information that was available to her online. The Country Fact File of South Africa was particularly useful, she was able to use the reading list to find books related to the programme. She found that the BUNAC team answering her questions by email was really helpful in helping her to prepare for her great adventure.

We want to thank Samantha for sharing her thoughts with us at BUNAC HQ and we wish her luck on her volunteering in South Africa! We can't wait to hear how it went and we hope she has a fantastic time! If you are interested in this programme request a call back and we discuss the best options for you.

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