An introduction to Will's 6 week Volunteer Ecuador Programme

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Meet Will, our latest series blogger! Over the next 6 weeks he will be updating us on his experiences of the Volunteer Ecuador programme to give you guys at home a taster of what life is like in this South American destination. In this weeks edition, learn why Will went away and what we have to look forward to hearing about in the coming weeks!

Hi there,

I’m Will, in a few weeks’ time I’ll be travelling to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and from there on to Otavolo, a small market town in the Andes, followed by the Galapagos Islands, West of Ecuador. I’ll be travelling with around 14 other people, which has all been organised through BUNAC and whilst away I’ll be keeping a weekly blog of our adventures and volunteer work just to give everyone a flavour of our travels.

will 1

For me this is the first time that I’ve done any volunteer work abroad, so I’m looking forward to really getting stuck in and doing my best to help out with the local people. Travelling with BUNAC was a spur of the moment decision when I realised that I hadn’t planned anything for the summer; which by the way was fast approaching as I reached the end of my first year of university!

With there being fewer and fewer opportunities where I will have so much free time, I franticly began looking at long term holidays that appealed to me and allowed me to have an amazing experience and help out with a worthwhile cause. Out of everything I saw, BUNAC had the best offer for me and within a few days I was booked up and explaining to my Mum that she actually wasn’t going to be getting that free time with me she had been looking forward to ….

Although I’m not a timid or shy person, I think the initial prospect of these travels to me will be quite daunting, I live away from home whilst at university, so it’s not so much the home sickness, but the initial experience of travelling alone without actually knowing anyone properly. Despite this I am now thoroughly excited to get away for the summer, and am currently spending some free time getting to grips with some basic Spanish.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading about our travels and adventures and maybe we can inspire you to take part in an adventure like ours if you ever get the chance.

Next stop Quito… 

Stay tuned for more from Will, its set to be an exciting series! If you're feeling inspired to do the same this summer, get in touch on 03339997516 or request a call back to learn more.