Why you should visit China at least once

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Packing up those bags and going traveling is something everyone should do, but if you miss out China you’re making a massive mistake.  It’s a place where cityscapes are carved from the future and mystic ancient wonders are in abundance. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in China; it’s no surprise why. 

Here are some reasons why you should visit China at least once. 

Sights like this 

The sights in China have a kind of magical quality as if they’ve just been pulled right out of movie set. In fact, Guilin’s magical surroundings are what inspired the backdrop on the movie ‘Avatar’. 

Their history is bigger than yours

China is one of the oldest civilisations and even in the most modern cities you’ll still come across sights that have been there for hundreds of years. The history is cool too, just take, for example: the Terracotta Army in Xi'an. The perpetual rows of stone soldiers have their own unique identity and appearance. It’s also said that there’ll be a warrior that’s identical to you (if you’re Chinese, obviously) 

Cheap beer

Well cheap anything really: food, drinks, accommodation, and travel - It’s all very easy on the travel budget. In saying this, you pay for what you get. You could probably travel the length of the country for about £10 but you’ll be sleeping top to tail with a local or even standing the whole way...

You’re an instant celebrity

Chinese people seem to have an admiration for people from the West, especially outside of the bigger cities. Don’t be surprised if you get a group of teenagers asking for a selfie with you or have your beers paid for by a local in a bar. 

Bizarre things happen on the daily basis 

No doubt in your time visiting China you will see something bizarre. Expect to see things like live animals jumping about in supermarket trollies, whole families travelling on one single motor scooter, and people walking backwards.   

And that’s without getting started on the wonderful world of ‘Chinglish’

The food

The food in China has a real love hate culture, but one thing’s for sure, it’s nothing like what Chinese restaurants serve at home. Some dishes are an absolute taste sensation but some shouldn’t be allowed for human consumption. One piece of advice if you’re unsure, don’t play menu roulette or you could end with any animal / any part of animal facing you for your dinner! 

And before you say it - no, they don't really eat dog anymore as they're now more commonly kept as pets. Snake, however, is anyone's game...

Everything under one roof

China is like a hundred different countries all rolled into one,  you name it and China will have it: Stunning white sandy beaches, futuristic skylines, traditional towns, endless mountain landscapes - the list goes on. In this respect, it's the perfect travel destination, one problem though, it's huge! In fact if you took the length of China's railway lines you could loop them around the whole world... twice.

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