Why Hong Kong is a great place for a stopover

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Here’s a fact for you:

Hong Kong is the only place on earth that can be pronounced without moving your tongue or lips.

…Now that you’ve tried that, here are some reasons why it’s a perfect place to explore even if you’re only there a few days. 

1. Look up!

Where else would you ever get a view as spectacular as this?

Whether you’re a city lover or not you have to say this is impressive. In fact, Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world; double the amount of it’s rival New York. 

2. Two islands for the price of one

The Fragrant Harbour (as Hong Kong translates to) is built up of primarily of two islands: Hong Kong Island and KowloonSeparated by a short ride on the ferry or MTR but each offer a totally different Hong Kong experience.  

Hong Kong Island is a cosmopolitan utopia, built up of towering skyscrapers, chic shopping districts and busy city life. Kowloon,on the other hand, is your more traditional Hong Kong where the streets are jam packed with neon lights, bustling markets and local restaurants. 

Even if you’re there for only a couple of days, you’ll have time to explore the both ends of Hong Kong’s cultural spectrum.

3. Trains, buses and trams – oh my! 

The public transport is something Hong Kong should be proud of. It’s incredibly efficient, simple to use and cheap.  All ticket machines and maps have English, as well as Chinese, and you can get from one place to another before you can say “Bruce Lee”. 

Their traditional tram system is also still running. The tall, skinny, and jerky trams aren't the quickest option to get around but a unique experience nonetheless. 

4. Chow down

There’s plenty places to chow down, whether you want high-end dining or tasty local cuisine Hong Kong has it all. Some of the world’s top chefs have opened restaurants here and it’s also home to the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. 

5. The Nightlife

The area Lan Kwai Fong is a shopping area by day but party zone by night. The roads close and are transformed from a sea of cars to a sea of people. Grab a cheap drink at the 7 Eleven and soak up the vibrant atmosphere outside before heading into one of the many bars or clubs.   

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