Why a group flight is better than flying solo!

Here at BUNAC, we’re all about meeting new people and finding out about new and exciting places to visit. What better way of meeting a like-minded group travel buddies who are heading to the same destination as you, than booking onto a group flight?!

With group flights available as part of our work programmes in Australia and New Zealand, there is no excuse for being a lone traveller, hands sweating nervously while holding your passport while waiting in a long immigration queue all on your lonesome. Here are some reasons as to why we think group flights are so awesome!

Cyber meet before hand!
With an exclusive Facebook group set up specifically for BUNACers on your flight, you can ‘cyber-meet’ beforehand! Chat about all those questions that have been going around in your mind… are people taking hair straighteners? Their laptop? Their mobile phone? Which city are people headed to? Plus, importantly work out which hottie or BFF you want to sit next to on the flight! You’ll easily spot your ready made group of travel buddies at the airport as you’ll all be wearing your green BUNAC t-shirts!

Hong Kong stopover? Oh ok then…!
If you’re heading down under, then the 24 hour (yes, that’s one whole day stuck on a plane) flight is helpfully broken up by a 3 day stopover in the bright lights of Hong Kong. Our local representative will meet your BUNAC flight group at the airport in Hong Kong and transfer you to a centrally located hotel for 2 nights. Get over your jetlag by grabbing a drink and chillaxing in the pool bar before joining your local guide to head to Hong Kong’s famous mountain, Victoria Peak, to take some iconic snaps of the city to make your Facebook friends back home jealous! Next, purchase some souvenirs from Stanley Market and grab some seafood from the Tanka’s who live on houses called junks in Aberdeen Fishing Village before enjoying a group dinner in a local restaurant. All this before you’ve even reached Australia or New Zealand!

I’ve landed… now what?! Arghh!
So you’ve endured a long, loooong flight, stood in an immigration queue for hours, watched baggage go round and round on the baggage reclaim carousel and you’re exhausted. Navigating your way to first night’s accommodation is making your mind boogle. Expensive taxi? Confusing underground system?

Don’t fear! Most group flights are met at the arrival destination by a friendly face who will take your jet-lagged self and fellow BUNACers to your warm, comfy bed where you can get some shut-eye before waking up fresh faced and bushy tailed the next day to really start your new life in another country!

Check out Claire’s journey on her group flight to Australia with her ready-made set of BUNAC travel buddies!

For your very own group adventure, pick from Australia or New Zealand, and give one of our expert Travel Advisors a call on 033 3999 7516.

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