What are the Benefits of an Internship Abroad?

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It’s 2019 and employers often want more than just a degree. Yes, we know how painful that sentence sounds. With more graduates now than ever, it’s hugely important to gain stellar professional experience outside of university. Ever considered doing an internship overseas?

Our Professional Internships Abroad portfolio is growing fast and we have heaps of opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Our team of experts have highlighted just a few of the benefits of interning abroad!

Travel goals meet career goals

If your passport needs some love but you’ve still got your career-hat on, then an internship abroad really is a win-win. Yes, it’s a professional experience, but it won’t be all boardrooms and client reports. This is your chance to get to the heart of a brand new city, and doing some awesome travel during your free time!

Our top tip: Plan your weekends around your travel wish list! Interning in NYC? There are plenty of trips you can take during your weekends. Think: The Hamptons, Atlantic City, Philadelphia - the list is endless.

Diverse placement opportunities

We partner with some of the world’s leading organizations and most incredible start-ups, with opportunities in marketing, business, IT, finance, human resources, law and many more, you can be sure to find the perfect placement for you.

Our top tip: Give us at least two months' notice of when you want to begin your placement. This will give us more than enough time to find your perfect placement.

Develop your global network

During your internship you will make friends that will last a lifetime. Whether they’re locals or international staff like you, they will make your overseas life amazing – plus, you’ll have a free place to stay when you plan a trip to go and visit them after you’ve returned home! Friends are great, but don’t overlook this fantastic networking experience. The people you meet professionally could be vital contacts later on in your career.

Our top tip: Nurture the relationships you form on your internships. You never know what doors these may open!

Transferrable Skills

Alongside professional experience in your dream career, you will develop vital transferrable skills. From communicating with those of vast backgrounds to analytical skills, you will develop as a professional during the period of your placement.

Our top tip: Treat your manager like a mentor – they can help you foster these hugely important skills. Trust us, your future career will thank you for it!

Are you ready to start your next adventure: an invaluable internship abroad? Get in touch with one of our team today! Give us a call on 0333-999-7516 or email us at enquiries@bunac.org.uk.

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