Travel Gear That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Travelling is interesting enough as it is, but there’s always room for improvement. Check out these amazingly cool travel products that every explorer will love.

Scoots You, Sir

The age-old travel conflict of ‘suitcase vs backpack’ finally has a new contender. Say hello to the suitcase scooter. Not only will your travel essentials have a sturdy little shell, but you’ll zoom across towns, cities and airport lounges in no time. And look epic in the meantime.

All Mapped Out

Whether you’re a travel amateur or a seasoned globetrotter, these world map wallpaper murals are perfect for a dash of travel inspiration. Plan your next trip, reminisce about your last one and turn your pad into a travel Mecca with Muralswallpaper.

Look Mom, No Hands!

This hands-free umbrella is possibly the dorkiest thing you could ever wear, but double it up with your luggage scooter and you’ll be roaming like an absolute boss.

I’ll Take a Nap Right Here

Sticking with ridiculous headwear, the Ostrich Pillow will give you a dark and cosy bedroom no matter where you are. Triple it up with your hands-free umbrella and your luggage scooter and you’ve probably gone too far. We also suggest not wearing while operating heavy machinery. Safety first, kids.

Flippin’ and A-Floppin’

Everyone likes leaving footprints in the sand and with these personalised flip flops you can now leave any message you like. Keep it clean though, yeah?