Top 10 tips to keep cool while travelling

Many of the destinations we send our BUNACers to can see the mercury levels reaching the top end of the thermometer, so we’ve come up with some excellent tips on what you can do to survive the heat when the sun is at its peak!

10. Get your Christmas shopping done – If you’re lucky enough to be within close proximity to a mall or shopping centre - perhaps while on Work America - why not make your way to the nicely air-conditioned stores and get your Christmas shopping done? Everyone loves a gift from abroad, and how great would it feel to have your shopping done early?!

9. Go to a museum – Sure it’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself! Looking at working in Australia? During those unbearable days, why not head to the Museum of Sydney and see panoramic views of Sydney stretching across the walls and video screens!

8. Go for ice-cream – What better way to cool down than head for a few scoops of full fat goodness. Why not splash out on an iced coffee, or go crazy and purchase both - beware of brain freeze though!

7. Don’t feel like keeping cool? You say there’s no such thing as unbearable heat? Fine then – go outside and lie in the sun and get a little vitamin D! Be sure to wear your sunscreen though - nothing ruins a trip abroad easier than sunburn, and who wants to look like a lobster?!

6. Go indoor ice-skating – Get your skates on and keep cool by gliding around a frozen slab of water. What’s more refreshing than the cold air on your face when it's scorchingly hot outside? Indoor ice-rinks are seen all over in Canada and almost all of them will have “open skate” which offers the rink for public use.

5. Make a movie day – Simply enough, sometimes it’s just too hot to go sight seeing or even walk outside, so you may as well watch movies all day! Grab the popcorn because I challenge, no I dare you to watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day - GO!

4. Catch up with the family – Too hot? Why not head to your nearest air conditioned internet café and Skype the family or reply to all those emails which have been clogging up your inbox. I’m sure your parents are starting to wonder what’s happened to you, take some time to let them know what an awesome time you’re having!

3. Brush up on your language skills – If you’re heading to a non-English speaking country, like China, you may want to take some indoor time to perfect your Mandarin! Otherwise you could get to grips with the local culture, for those heading to New Zealand I hear The Haka can take a while to master…

2. Water fight! For those thinking of working with children in destinations such as South Africa what better way to cool down and have fun with the kids than to commence full on water warfare! Even if you can pack your giant Super Soaker water pistol into your luggage, take it easy on the kids!

1. Head to the beach – Why not embrace the sunshine? Thinking of heading to Australia for a sizzling summer of sand, sea and sun? Learn to surf in the cool waves of the Tasman Sea or just lounge around in your beach wear soaking up some rays and working on your tan.

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