The Benefits of Working Overseas

Looking to kick-start your career post university or searching for inspiration while on your degree? Here at Bunac HQ it is our mission to come up with the best opportunities around the world for you. So whatever you situation we are here to help, and all the hard work is covered! 

Congrats! You’ve finished uni, we hope you got the grades you wanted! The future seems bright, the big question is, what will you do next?! 

It’s becoming increasingly popular for young people to take time out post studies to travel and see the world, tick off some important destinations and activities, but most importantly to unwind from the stress of that final year!

With so many destinations to travel to, and with travel becoming increasingly easier, the possibilities are endless and it’s easy to meet like-minded people on your adventure, just like on our Group Flights.

With this in mind, future potential employers are now recognising the benefits of travel experiences, bonus! And your adventures could make for a great talking point in your interviews too! 

Here at Bunac we have been working hard to bring the best overseas opportunities to you, and this year is going to be big! With so many exciting programmes to chose from throughout 2015 your going to be spoilt for choice!

To all the Zoologists and Marine Biologists and general marine lovers out there, our Marine Internships in Fiji, Mexico, the Seychelles and Indian Ocean could be perfect for you! 

You’ll become a qualified PADI Divemaster, diving everyday, getting your teeth into a variety of projects both under water and on land. This very specific experience will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!  

With 6-10 week options available in almost all professional industries, picking up the necessary skills to help you get to the next step can be found here! Ranging from business and marketing to psychology and agriculture, we’ll be sure to find you the perfect fit to kick-start your career.

It’s not all work and no play… you’ll  have lots of fun living in your new country! Your future employers will be itching to hear all about your experiences, putting you in a great position for your job search.

Ever fancied teaching overseas? TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a internationally recognised qualification, and combining that with the life experiences you will gain when abroad with lots of other interns, you’ll have plenty to showcase on your CV when you finish.

With a full qualification in hand, great friends being made along the way, plenty of activities, sightseeing and experiences to be had, this is a great opportunity for you this year!

So being a graduate is an exciting time in life and the perfect opportunity to go on an adventure! With so many destinations and opportunities to choose from, the world is your oyster! 

Ready to take that plunge onto a BUNAC internships? Give us a call on 033 3999 7516 or request a callback from one of the team to talk about the exciting options available to you.