Must-see sports around the world

With Andy Murray championing Wimbledon this year, sport fever is sweeping the nation! We’ve put together some must-see sporting events around the world, which you’ll definitely want to see whilst travelling abroad with BUNAC.

USA and Canada

If you’re thinking of heading over to the USA on Work America , Internship USA or Volunteer USA, you might be there in time to catch the Major League Baseball playoffs. October baseball is definitely the most exciting time of the season as every night there will be a big game. It’s called the World Series, but you won’t see any countries other than America and Canada involved - but don’t let that put you off! Our Canadian partner organisation does trips to baseball games every once in a while so definitely check one out when you head over on Work Canada!

You’re in the "football" spirit already; why not get into the Canadian Football spirit? The Canadian Football League (CFL) starts at the end of June and runs until November finishing with the Grey Cup. Canadian football is much like American football so don’t expect to be watching “soccer” if you want proper football you can check out Toronto’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team, Toronto Football Club.

Australia and New Zealand
The most well-known sport for Australia and New Zealand is rugby, so you would be crazy not to try and get a glimpse of the All Blacks whilst on Work New Zealand, or the Wallabies on Work Australia! Make sure to see some Aussie Rules Football when down under as well; the season runs until August/September, so book your flights now to ensure you don’t miss out!

South Africa
If you fancy trying your hand at teaching sports, then why not share your passion for your favourite sport with underprivileged children in Port Elizabeth? You'll use the power of sport to raise awareness of health and social issues and will live with fellow volunteers and work alongside full time local staff on our Sports Coaching South Africa programme.

Whether you choose to coach tennis, football, rugby, swimming, netball, hockey, basketball or cricket, you'll be making a real difference. 

Do you want to travel to these countries and see some of the best sports teams in the world? Your first step is to sign up for BUNAC! Need more information on any of our programmes? Give us a call on 033 3999 7516.