Marine Internship in Fiji are life-changing... but don't take our word for it!

Marine Internships Fiji is now closed for 2016.

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Here at BUNAC HQ we love all of the marine internships and think that they're an amazing opportunity for young people, but you don't have to take our word for it. We caught up with one of the base managers in Fiji who shares her experience on the what it's like living and working in paradise!

Fiji grou pon internship

What can a BUNACer expect from taking part in a marine internship in Fiji?

Alongside the sun, sea and dive aspect, and apart from living on a tropical island paradise in the middle of the turquoise South Pacific ocean, contributing to marine conservation on a crucial and critical level. You will undoubtedly come away with an unwavering love for marine life, and expect to be hooked for life. This is an experience unlike no other, and unlike normal diving experiences it teaches you to become an incredibly skilled diver with an abundance of marine knowledge. It will set you up for the future and change the way you live your life.

How much time do BUNACers actually spend diving?

The marine interns work through all of their PADI dive training, which starts pretty much as soon as you arrive! This involves doing your Advanced Open Water (5 really fun dives), and then your Rescue Diver which takes about 3 days. Once you’ve done these you then start learning all the invertebrate and fish species and you pretty much dive everyday! Every morning you will wake up to get your kit and the boat ready and then once the dive location has been chosen off you go! The best way to learn these species is by getting in the water, so you’ll spend most of your time underwater, on a boat, or revising the marine life on base.

Scuba group in Fiji

Are there lots of things to do in your spare time?

Yes lots – you are based on a small island right at the top of the Yasawa chain of islands so there is lots to explore! You can walk round Nanuya LaiLai in 1 hour with the walk filled with rocky outcrops, mangroves and long white sandy beaches such as the famous Blue Lagoon, with an idyllic hotel bar hidden on the other side of the island for a refreshing drink. You have the South Pacific at your disposal so a lot of the time is spent exploring the reef just off base or lazing around sunbathing in a hammock and drinking coconuts. But if you want to explore further you can easily hop to the neighbouring islands to enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, hiking, cave swimming, kayaking, and of course the traditional Fijian customs of dancing and drinking Kava. A must is swimming with the manta rays and skydiving over the islands on a clear day.

How easy is it to make friends whilst on the internship?

Really easy. You are on a marine base with people who love exactly the same things as you do so it’s really easy to make friends. You’ll soon all be communicating in dive language and having your inside marine jokes! The base is really communal with lots of evening activities to keep everyone entertained.

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Has this inspired you to do a marine internship in the future? We offer many internships in many idyllic destinations around the world. You can find out more from one of our BUNAC experts by requesting a callback.