Life's a beach - A guide to the best beaches at BUNAC Destinations

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Just because you're working or volunteering abroad, it doesn't mean that it is all work and no play. Here at BUNAC HQ we have found some of the best beaches in BUNAC destinations all around the world, for you to discover and have some much needed R&R.


75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island


As you can guess, this beach takes its name from the length of the island with approximately 75 miles of coastline with white sands and crystal clear waters, the ultimate relaxing location. If an adventure is what you are looking for, BUNAC offer an exciting extra for those on the Work Australia programme to spend 4 days traveling around Fraser Island taking in all the sights including the 'champagne pools'.

Bondi Beach, Sydney


No list of Australian beaches would be complete without a mention of Bondi Beach, and the attractions within the Bondi Beach vicinity, which has something for everyone. The beach is conveniently located with easy access from the center of Sydney and surrounded by an array of restaurants and shops. If it is your first time to Australia, Bondi Beach is a 'must see', it is a great place to relax eating good food and having some much needed retail therapy after a busy week in the office.

New Zealand

Piha Beach, West Auckland


Located on the Wild West Coast Phia Beach offers surf lovers and thrill-seekers the perfect conditions to catch some waves, this is not the beach for those who want to relax in the sun. This New Zealand beach boasts the lion rock, along with luscious bush surrounding it, which is a perfect opportunity to explore and get lost at this amazing destination.


Salad Beach, Koh Phangan


Salad Beach is situated in the most natural destination in the Eastern Sea of Thailand. This beach is what you expect when you think of Thailand, with the Thai fishing boats tied up on the shore against a backdrop of luscious greenery and clear waters. After a hard couple of weeks teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in a Thai school, there is no better way to rest and unwind with your new friends, with resorts all along Salad Beach. The island of Koh Phangan also offers the infamous Full Moon Party, a great way to end your programme with your new friends.


Nanuyalailai Island, The Yasawas


If you decide to take part in the marine internship in Fiji you will be based on this tropical island carrying out marine projects with the field staff. This beach is fantastic for snorkeling with amazing wildlife on and around the island, there will be lots of perfect photographs to be had. The island is extremely peaceful, so after a hard day on your project, sit back in a hammock and just enjoy the peace and quiet on the palm-tree studded beach.

You could be walking along one of these beaches in paradise this summer on one of our programmes. Find out more and check out our website to see where BUNAC can take you!

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