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You may have heard the news. Last week the UK Government announced a sweeping cabin ban on large electronic devices on direct, inbound flights to the UK from six countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia). Devices which are larger than a typical smartphone (laptops, kindles and tablets) will no longer be allowed on an aircraft as carry-on luggage.
This begs the question: without your favourite gadgets, how the devil are you supposed to pass the time?!
Enter BUNAC. We’re a bunch of globetrotters here, and having spent hundreds of hours in the air between us, you may say we’re in-flight experts. Aeroplane bingo, eye spy, we know how to have fun away from modern technology. So whether you’re affected by the device ban, or just looking for some new ways to pass the time, let us give you an insight into how you can stay entertained in the air.
  1. Aeroplane yoga. Nine hours down, two naps taken, and yet Melbourne still feels a million miles away. If those thighs are feeling tight and your back needs a crack, why not spread out and get in touch with your zen?
  2. Read a book. Remember those? Didn’t we used to use them pre-Netflix era? They’re pretty great. Maybe Harry Potter charms your Chamber of Secrets or you have taken a shine to Stephen King - just whip out the ultimate old school form of entertainment. Best part? They never run out of battery.
  3. Trash mags. You don’t have Wi-Fi, E! News is nowhere in sight. How else are you meant to keep up with your favourite member of the Kardashian klan? Turns out, trashy magazines actually still exist. What better way to escape mile-high boredom than with the ultimate celebrity rundown?
  4. Instagram opportunities. Aeroplanes aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing of places, but nothing screams standard-holiday-insta-post than an out the window pic. Try angling your shot so you focus on the aeroplane wing, with rippling clouds and a sun glare in sight. Up the saturation, whack a bit of Lo-Fi or Valencia on it. Trust us, it’ll rake in the likes.
  5. Talk to people. Believe it or not, that person sitting next to you is probably a little bored, too. Ease in gently with small talk: “How was your veggie option?”, “Business or pleasure?”, “Come here often?”. Ok, you get the idea. You never know, you may both have a bunch of things in common and be besties by the time you land. 
  6. iPhones are allowed! Thankfully pretty much all mobile devices are still ok to use on these flights. Yes, it’s better to read an eBook on your Kindle and yes, The Walking Dead is much more exciting on a bigger screen, but it’s better than nothing.

A UK exclusive, BUNAC also offers Group Flights, so you’ll know that no matter where you’re flying to you’ll be surrounded by like minded travellers, off for an adventure just like you are – the perfect people to pass the time with. Don’t let this electrical device ban stop your travels, why not get in touch today with one of the BUNAC team and begin planning your next adventure? 

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