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Meet BUNACer Cairon! She recently embarked on a Work Australia adventure, flying Down Under on one of our Group Flights! She enjoyed a three-day stopover in Hong Kong and made mates before she even landed. We caught up with her to see how she found her Group Flight experience.

Hey Cairon! Tell us, how did you hear about BUNAC's Group Flights?

I heard about them through the BUNAC website while researching ways to do a Working Holiday in Australia.

What were the main reasons you chose to fly to Australia on one of  our Group Flights?

I chose to do a Group Flight because before I came to Australia I'd had a bad few months of depression and anxiety, and the thought of leaving my close support network to get on a plane alone and move across the world was so daunting. I thought this opportunity was the best way to meet people and encourage me to be social. It also allowed me to see an extra, beautiful country on my way to Australia - Hong Kong!

How did you find your experience in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong was nothing like I imagined but still a beautiful place! We saw so much in the small amount of time we were there, and the hotel was pretty awesome too! The tour guide we had was hilarious and made the trip for me!

We're glad you enjoyed Hong Kong! Tell us a bit about the people on your Group Flight.

It was a huge mix of travellers and there were people I adored and still speak to every day! I’m so glad I chose to do the Group Flight and it helped me more than I could have imagined!

Yay! Finally, would you recommend BUNAC’s Group Flights to friends?

100%! It’s the best decision I made and it makes the move a lot less daunting!

Fancy having your own awesome Group Flight experience? Check out the dates of when our next ones to Australia and New Zealand are! Tick a new country off your bucket list, make mates along the way - it just makes sense. For more information visit the Group Flight page, or get in touch with the BUNAC team on 0333 999 7516 or at enquiries@bunac.org.uk

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