Graduated? Enhance your CV by Working Abroad

So you’ve just finished your exams, graduation is on the horizon, your parents are nagging you to apply for jobs and your head is all in a bit of a fizzle. Time spent working overseas can boost your CV and prepare you for the 'real world' back home much more than you might think.

Character building will undoubtedly happen when working abroad – we guarantee, your friends and family will remark ‘You’ve come back so much more confident!’ Getting used to the currency, the transport network, possibly driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, the tipping culture and ‘lost in translation conversations’… it all requires patience, perseverance and some guts!

What’s the twist? You’re learning and developing these skills in a foreign environment and culture. That looks pretty impressive from an employer’s perspective and could give you the edge when you’re applying for your first graduate job when you return.

Here are our top 3 skills which you will undoubtedly pick up along the way – all at the same time as having a fantastic adventure of course!

1. Independence and using your initiative

Employers like to see that you’re confident working independently, as it shows you’re capable of taking responsibility. When working abroad, you may have been responsible for a group of colleagues or headed up a project which required you to be a leader and use your own ideas and imagination. The pure fact that you’ve taken the initiative to bite the bullet, get up off the sofa and book flights, insurance and a visa to work in another country will speak for itself. Put it on your CV!

2. Team work

As much as employers like to see you can work independently, it’s also important to show that you’re able to work in a team. You will no doubt work as part of a team of colleagues in whichever job you land abroad, which shows that you’re personable, conscientious and a real ‘team player’!

3. Facing a challenge

In interviews, employers love to ask ‘Can you tell us about a time that you faced a challenging situation?’ Let’s face it, sometimes things can go wrong – you may lose your passport, miss your flight or pick up a travel bug from overindulging in too much scrumptious food. Use these mishaps to your advantage! Remember to also explain how you overcame the challenge and to emphasise the sense of achievement afterwards.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone working in an HR department. While ploughing through hundreds of similar CVs – some office experience here, a degree there – they come across one from someone who has some international work experience several thousand miles from home, in a completely different culture - talk about having the X-Factor! We know who we’d rather invite to interview…

To discuss in more detail how you can boost your CV with international work experience, give one of our friendly Travel Advisors a call on 020 7570 9570 or request a call back.

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