BUNAQ&A - New Zealand or Australia?

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Alice from Cornwall asks via our Twitter Feed (@BUNAC_UK): I know I want to head Down Under for a working holiday, but don't know whether to go to New Zealand or Australia, any suggestions?

A: What a great area of the world to explore! New Zealand definitely has a great scene for extreme sports, so if you’re into sky-diving and bungee jumping it’ll certainly be the spot for you. Our resource centre in Auckland focus a lot on the social aspect of working abroad and will have you meeting heaps of people while you’re there, whether it's by joining a movie and burger night or BBQ afternoon on the beach.

As for Australia, it’s certainly a lot larger (did you know the UK fits into Oz over 30 times?!) so we have four resource centres – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – so you’re covered from coast to coast! Our offices specialise in job hunting so you’ll be all set when it comes to paying the bills. Australia is also known for having some of the best beaches in the world, and did you know there are even beaches with black sand?

Regardless of whether you choose New Zealand or Australia, we’re sure you’ll have the experience of a life time!

Find out more about Work New Zealand and Work Australia, or give us a call on 033 3999 7516 and we chat through your options.

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