5 ways solo travelling will change your life

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Those who travel alone often describe their first solo trip as ‘indulgent’ since you are unfiltered by a companion who you might have travelled with previously. Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself fully and to become independent. Of course solo travel does have its drawbacks too, such as safety concerns and loneliness. However, preparation, common sense, and saving money before hand can get you through the rough spots so that you can enjoy each and every moment.

1. Become More Independent.

Moving out is a big thing as there are a lot of do's and don'ts that come with it. Such as remembering to eat and drink, cooking healthy meals, cleaning, and in general being safe. These are all important factors when moving out, but the main one is to become independent which sometimes can be hard when you're used to things being done for you. Solo travelling helps becoming more independent as you have to put yourself out there and remember to do the things your parents used to always do for you. Traveling solo means you rely on yourself to be safe, to be healthy and to put yourself out there. 

2. Meeting New People.

Traveling with a companion or a group of friends puts you at a restriction of meeting new ones. If you already have a group, you're probably not going to be paying a lot of attention to strangers. However, when you're on your own, you will have bigger opportunities to interact with new people. This could be out of choice or chance, but by the end of it you will be more comfortable around new individuals and will want to continue making new friends on each one of your adventures. And who knows, they might even become friends for life?

3. Learn More About Yourself.

When you solo travel you're immediately faced with what your strong and weak points are. You get the chance to have a clearer understanding of who you are, what qualities you love about yourself and the weak ones that could use some improvement. You may find that you push yourself to do things in life too hard and want to ease up a little, or that you find it easy to communicate and make new friends. Whatever the case, when you travelled you have to confront yourself and therefore will learn what you love and what you don't love about yourself. 

4. Silence Is Often A Great Thing.

You don't have someone to consistently talk to on a solo trip, and therefore you'll find yourself sitting in silence at times throughout the day. What may take some getting used too at the beginning will soon change as you will start to realise how the more silent moments release stress and make you feel more calm. When you return back from traveling and back to reality, the silent, golden moments is what you'll crave.

5. Disconnecting.

Disconnecting from the world gets harder and harder these days. It is incredibly normal to always be online and it is almost impossible to ever stop. Even when you are away, it is beyond tempting to share photos of the paradise you are living in at that moment and to get the support from friends and family who say how great it looks. However, you will take progressively longer breaks from social media when you are on your solo adventures. You'll remember how great it is to unplug and to get a better feel of the real world.

There you are, 5 great reasons to solo travel...sound good to you?  Take a look at our Gap Year ideas and see what programmes we have to get you on your next adventure. 

Sophie Alsford

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